Real estate finance in the new economic world

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MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance

Disclaimer: This article is informative in purpose and does not constitute financial advice. The author urges you to obtain professional advice before pursuing any financial investment.

Joining apps like Raiz previously Acorns , Spaceship Voyager, and others that seek to make it easy for everyone to grab a stake in the sharemarket for a minimal investment. And what does the release of Pocket tell us about the convergence of traditional investment and user friendly digital technology right now?

The 2020 Recession: How To Prepare For The Next Market Crash

Put simply, Pocket provides an easy way for investors to start investing. With 7 funds currently offered by the app that range from exposure to tech companies and sustainability leaders, to emerging markets and top on the Australian Stock Exchange.

REITs on horizon, may tackle realty risks

With this in mind, Dana Holdings has also developed the one million square metre Mayak Minska complex in the region. Crucially, though, Minsk World is not just a complex of skyscrapers: it is one of deep infrastructure, innovative design and social cohesion.


With a range of forward-thinking business and finance education centres scheduled for construction, Minsk World is also anticipated to become a major educational hub for training personnel in the banking and finance industries. The project seeks to seamlessly blend the future and the past together, with a newly created boulevard connecting Tesla City with the historic city centre.

Real estate economics

Boasting residential areas surrounded by greenery, shops, restaurants, swimming pools, an aquarium, an ice rink and its own metro station, Tesla City is expected to completely revitalise the area, bringing with it a flurry of new economic activity. At the very heart of this development will be a large, round plaza that will act as a meeting point and a social centre.

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This picturesque plaza will also house the Belgrade International Financial Centre, which will serve as a crucial financial hub not only for Serbia, but also for the wider region. Tesla Park Set in the heart of the Eurasian Steppe, the expansive nation of Kazakhstan has one of the fastest-growing capital cities in the world.

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  • The newly renamed city of Nur-Sultan previously Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan in and has undergone a period of rapid development and modernisation in the two decades since. Futuristic buildings and towering skyscrapers now dominate the skyline, while the population has more than doubled since Set in one of the most dynamic areas of the city, Tesla Park will cover a total area of 1. Real estate development boosts economic growth in Eastern Europe From Serbia to Belarus, real estate development projects are helping to revitalise cities and spur economic growth.

    Dana Holdings was among the first foreign companies to identify Eastern Europe as an area of potential economic growth, even as it grappled with its own country's political instability.