Computer Vision for X-Ray Testing: Imaging, Systems, Image Databases, and Algorithms

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The documentation for Gandalf comes in two parts.

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Assembly language optimized on Intel's processor line. Trevor , Bob Davies , Prof. James Davis , Victor Eroukhimov , Prof. Stan Scarloff, Stewart Taylor, Prof. AcquireNowClient is a stand-alone application, which can be used to acquire, display, and save images to disk. The AcquireNowClient application also allows the user to perform real time image averaging, scaling and flat fielding. Source code for the AcquireNowClient application is included, and can be used by customers as a base for their own imaging applications. Boulder Imaging, Inc. AdOculos - PC-based image processing without the need of extensive programming knowledge The following image processing functions are realized as DLLs.

Computer Vision and Machine Learning with RGB D Sensors Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Reco

The complete C source code of these DLLs is part of the standard pack. Point, local and global, morphological operations Texture, image sequence Histograms procedures Hough and color transformations Automatic counting and interactive measuring Pattern recognition, graylevel profile General purpose and display functions The Imaging Source Aphelion - Commercial image processing and understanding package for Windows. Features a rapid prototyping environment, image processing and object recognition libraries, and a vision tutorial.

Aphelion is a commercial software product which can be used to quickly develop vertical imaging applications. It is a comprehensive and powerful development environment and a delivery vehicle for image-based applications, including a Graphical User Interface, Image Processing libraries available as DLLs or ActiveX components, a Visual Basic compatible scripting language, a chart server, etc. AutoTrace - AutoTrace converts bitmap to vector graphics by Martin Weber Bersoft Image Measurement - Measure length, angle, segments, perimeter and area in digital images.

Commercial package for windows. Bersoft Image Measurement runs under Windows 9. It can be used in multiple scientific disciplines, such as Biology, Ecology, Geography, Agronomy, and Natural Sciences. It also can export matrixes Exporting RGB values with the decimal or hexadecimal values of the image pixels. Bersoft Clemex Vision - Commercial software for analysis of images from microscopes. Color Reduction and Multithresholding - Free image processing software for color reduction and quantization, multithresholding, Hough Transform etc. Also contains an extended Tcl shell with all the computer imaging functions.

ANSI-C source code and libraries for image analysis, image compression, image enhancement, image restoration, and many imaging utilities. Used for both research and education, as well as applications development. Everything is available as source code. There is also a rapid prototyping development environment called EasyAccess. These tools are provided in a form well suited for rapid application development and are extremely fast.

Exbem handles images, QuickTime movies, and live-video. Multiple operators can be assigned to multiple ROIs. Pixlock e. The company is specialized in software solutions for image processing using standard hardware and framegrabbers. HALCON covers a wide field of applications like factory automation, quality control, medical image analysis, aerial image analyis, surveillance, research, and education.

HIPS is modular and flexible, it provides automatic documentation of its actions, and is almost entirely independents of special equipment. It handles sequences of images movies in precisely the same manner as single frames.

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Over such image transformation programs have been developed. HIPS is written in C, provided as source code, and is both a set of separate programs as well as a callable library. It also includes neural and genetic imaging capabilities. Emphasis is put on interactivity in projects made by students, as well as for advanced research and development.

The main set of classes provides a variety of image and vector types, with additional modules supporting scalar and vector quantisation, wavelet transforms, DCT transforms, and simple histogram operations.

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  • It comes with an optional viewer that features 3D OpenGL multiplanar. This means you can create images of arbitrary types examples: float, int, complex, 3D vectors for deformation fields, This provides a much faster, more efficient and easier to use framework.

    This also provides a common simple syntax for moving around images in special ways, like in masked images or rectangular sub-zones in an image. Speed: ImLib3D is very fast.

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    Iterators hide all the gory details of making it fast. Command line: All image processing operators can be called from the unix command line. This is, with the viewer, important for easy image processing experimentation. Fast BSpline interpolation thanks to Unser et all. Rigid, affine, deformable registration thanks to O. Musse Very fast fft thanks to fftw Image processing arithmetic,convolution,morphological operations IPTool - Freeware image processing toolkit for Windows Khoros - An integrated software environment for data exploration and visualization, visual programming and simulation, and sofware development.

    LookingGlass Real-time ImageProcessing System - multithreaded PC-based image proccessing environment that supports realtime video processing. LookingGlass is an Image Processing Environment for developing imaging applications and for research and development of new image system. It provides high level access to a wide range of machine vision algorithms through a well defined and easy to use graphical interface. NeatVision is distributed as a shareware product. NeatVision contains over image and general data processing algorithms. This inspection process therefore guarantees that each inflator has been quality checked after a meticulous manufacturing process.

    Comprised of a pyrotechnic material, gas, and support components, these inflator canisters are installed into the steering wheel, dashboard, and side panels of major American and foreign automobiles. Because each inflator component plays an important role during deployment of the air bag upon impact, the sealed inflator canister must be examined prior to installation for correct assembly and packaging to ensure that the air bag inflates properly and protects the automobile occupants from injury.

    Since Autoliv began manufacturing automobile air-bag inflators in , the company has been faced with numerous new challenges for meeting the increased demands of automobile manufacturers to produce a wider variety of air-bag products at increasingly higher quality standards, but at lower costs. To meet these needs, the company decided to replace its existing nondestructive-testing machine with combined x-ray and machine-vision inspection systems that would offer greater test flexibility, higher capability, and reduced operational costs.

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    After carefully investigating several machine-vision integration companies, Autoliv teamed up its internal machine-build group with Acuity Imaging Nashua, NH to develop the desired inspection system. This inspection system obtains an x-ray image of the components assembled inside every sealed canister and then uses machine-vision technology to examine the image for proper component installation.

    The selected inspection system comprises a combination of x-ray and machine-vision technologies. It is set up to detect the presence or absence and positioning of all components sealed within the inflator canister and to gauge the volume of important components. Shepperton, Middlesex, England and a single-field 9-in. New York, NY. The image intensifier converts the x-rays to digital images for scanning by the Powervision machine-vision system from Acuity see Fig.

    Several machine controls track each inflator assembly as it passes through the inspection process. To prepare the canister for x-ray test, the assembled and sealed air-bag inflators are placed into a test-fixture loading mechanism--which differs for driver-side and passenger-side inflators--adjacent to the x-ray cabinet.

    When reflective sensors detect the presence of the inflator canister, a serial communications link is activated between the PLC and the barcode scanner. Upon successful barcode reading, a pneumatically controlled slide or index table exactly positions the inflator inside the x-ray cabinet between the x-ray generator and the image intensifier.

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    • After the inflator is determined to be in the correct position, the PLC sets interlock switches inside the cabinet to ensure that the inspection system is safely secured for x-ray and imaging-processing operations. The geometric relationship among the image intensifier, inflator, and x-ray generator determines the magnification of the obtained image. These distances are all adjustable from inside the x-ray cabinet, accommodating a range of inflator sizes.

      Because some products include denser materials, different x-ray radiation energies are used. After inflator placement within the x-ray cabinet, reflective and through-beam sensors detect the presence and position of the inflator and trigger the programmable logic controller.

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      The PLC checks all the cabinet sensors and interlocks for proper x-ray radiation safety checks. When the safety setup is verified, a pneumatic lead shutter is opened. Then, the x-ray generator is energized and passes a radiation beam through the inflator under test onto the image intensifier. These digital images, in turn, are transferred to the Powervision system for image processing.