Guardians of Knowhere 004 (2015)

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You can find out more, as well as a reading list here.

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Marvel have also released a collection called Secret Wars Prelude which will also help you. It includes the following:. The first is Last Days which revolve around Marvel characters and how they react to the catastrophic events of Secret Wars and the formation of Battleworld. Battleworld is a banner used for tie-in stories which are set on the vast Battleworld that has been created in the events of Secret Wars. These stories focus on a region of this newly formed world. Written by Ivan Brandon and Ryan Ferrier. If you want to learn more about the universes and characters that make up Secret Wars this is the guide for you, after this one of course, haha.

Unlike the Battleworld banner, Warzones! Based around the classic Wolverine story of the same name about Wolverine in a dystopian future. Art by Stephanie Hans with Marguerite Sauvage. This is based around the classic Marvel event Civil War in which the Marvel Universe was at war with each other over government policy and ideologies. It made our 10 Captain America Stories You Should Read list and you can find a reading order of the original story here.

This revolves around the Spider-Island story from a few years ago when a large chunk of New York City developed powers similar to that of Spider-Man. This is based around the classic Iron Man story, Armor Wars. This issue acts as prelude to 1. This will be one-shot that parodies Secret Wars and most likely many elements of the Marvel Universe.

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Will you be reading the Marvel event? Also, which of the tie-in miniseries will you be checking out? Let me know in the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter.

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In the U. Look up avengers universe 25 is the prelude , Incredible Hulks , Mighty world of marvel 25 is the prelude , Astonishing Spider-Man 35 prelude. You can read them in any order you like. Unclear if this is a technical limitation but is there only just the one font available for all intergalactic species? No doubt, our mystery player will probably take exception that this oversight renders her words all Skrull to us. Comic Book Herald is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a qualifying affiliate commission.

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Become a Patron! Despite a vetted, top-flight unit creatively channelling flavors of the cosmic Marvel Cinematic Universe, this installment sadly underperforms. Deodato and color artist Frank Martin yield compositions that are intense and compelling yet ambiguous in severity. Characters suffering brutal fatalities recover without explanation while others take a dirtnap from far less. Musician and freelance web denizen Matt Lehn has been living and breathing the Marvel Universe since Always a die-hard New Yorker at heart, he now lives with his wife, three boys and two cats in Portland, Oregon.

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Check out his Avengers-specific blog at: avengersaccessible. Follow him on Twitter: fierykillrock.

Your email address will not be published. DC Where to Start? At least the old balcony Muppets reincarnated for Secret Wars… To their credit, Bendis and oft-time collaborator, artist Mike Deodato, have effectively created a mostly self-contained one act play spread out over eighty-something comic pages. Gamora, the Good Cop.