International Economic Law and National Autonomy

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The Evolution of Australian Policy on Trade and Investment

Add to basket. Arbitrating Brands Metka Potocnik. Table of contents Contents: 1. Investment: Haphazard Responses to Expansive Obligations 5.

The universal story is about the ways in which international economic law has become the main arena of global governance in fields of public concern beyond war and peace - prosperity, equality, health, the environment and more. The second, more particular but no less inspiring, is the story of Australia as a Liberal-Democracy caught in the rip-tides of globalization.

International Economic Law and National Autonomy by Meredith Kolsky Lewis: New | eBay

Highly recommended and accessible reading. While the analysis focuses on Australia, the same potential conflicts are present in the United Kingdom as Brexit begins, and in the United States under the Trump Administration. Thus, the study is equally relevant to understanding and resolving the tensions that have developed in those nations. About Andrew D. Mitchell Andrew D.

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David Collins. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Regulatory Autonomy in International Economic Law provides the first extensive legal analysis of Australia's trade and investment treaties in the context of their impact on national regulatory autonomy.

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This thought-provoking study offers compelling lessons for not only Australia but also countries around the globe in relation to pressing current problems, including the uncertain future of the World Trade Organization and widespread concerns about the legitimacy of investor-State dispute settlement. Through a critical exploration of evolving patterns of treaty practice, the authors address the complex relationship between international economic law and a State's regulatory autonomy in the key areas of intellectual property, services, and investment. This insightful investigation highlights problems of inconsistency across treaties, limited transparency and consultation in the negotiation of treaties, and increasing restrictions on policy space in intellectual property protection.

These factors are all crucial in preserving a country's ability to pursue policy objectives such as protecting public health and the environment while capturing the benefits of international trade and foreign investment. This discerning book will prove instrumental to scholars and practitioners in the fields of international trade law, international investment law, public international law, and intellectual property. I can attest to the high quality education at HSE and would recommend the programme to anyone looking for a memorable experience in the heart of Russia!

Furthermore, the international environment allowed me to get a deeper understanding of socio-political issues around the globe. Advanced search. Higher School of Economics. Megacities of the Future 2. News Topics. Education Officially international cooperation. Education stat of the day online education Coursera.

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