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Always go through the procedures considering what check is to be made where for the best results. After the problems are corrected, be sure to check that the system operates correctly.

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Also check that new problems have not been caused by the repair. The information is compiled in the following manner: I Cable diagrams show the connector positions, etc. Problems whose origins may not be found in this manner are pursued through the various system circuits. For this information, refer to a manual which includes details of these components.

Visual and aural checks Check relay operation, blower motor rotation, light illumination, etc. The flow of current is invisible but can be checked by the operation of the parts, 2. Simple checks For example, if 3 headlight does not come on and a faulty fuse or poor grounding is suspected, replace the fuse with a new one or ground the light to the body by a jumper wire to deter mine which part is responsible for the problem. Checking with instruments Use and appropriate instrument in an adequate range and read the indication correctly. You must have sufficient knowledge and experience to handle instruments correctly.

Test lamps A test lamp consists of a 12 V bulb and lead wires. It is Self-power test light A self-power test light consists of bulb, battery and lead wires connected in series. It is used to check continuity or grounding. Jumper wire A jumper wire is used to close an open circuit. Never use one to connect a power supply directly to a load. Black lead wire Voltmeter A voltmeter is used to measure the circuit voltage.

Normally, the positive red lead probe is applied to the point of voltage measurement and the negative black lead probe to the body ground. Ohmmeter An ohmmeter is used to check continuity or measure resistance of a switch or coil. If the measuring range has been changed, the zero point must be adjusted before measurement.

Normal open or normal close switch Switches are classified into those which make the circuit open and those which make the circuit closed when off. The switch plates indicated by solid lines move in the direction of the arrow when operated.

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The continuity between terminals at each position is as indicated in the table below. When current flows through the coil of a relay, its core is magnetized to attract the iron piece, closing ON the contact at the tip of the iron piece. When the coil current is turned off, the iron piece is made to return to its original position by a spring, opening the contact OFF. Spring Iron core Iron piece Contact Ed z. Relay I By using a relay, a heavy current can by turned on and off by a switch of small capacity. For example, in the circuit shown here, when the switch is turned on closed , current flows to the coil of the relay.

Then, its contact is turned on closed and the light comes on. The current flowing at this time to the switch is the relay coil current only and is very small. The relays may be classified into the normal open type and the normal close type by their contact construction.

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NOTE state means that the coil and the energized is flowing through the coil. A relay can be checked in this manner and it cannot be determined if a relay is okay or faulty by checking its state only when it is deenergized or energized.

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The fuse is okay if the test light comes on when its one lead is connected to the test taps one at a time and the other lead is grounded. Change the ignition switch position adequately so that the fuse circuit becomes live. Which of the two causes is responsible can be easily determined by visual check as described below. I Fuse blown due to current exceeding rating The illustration shown the state of a fuse blown due to this cause.

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  • In this case, do not replace the fuse with a new one hastily since a current heavy enough to blow the fuse has flowed through it. First, check the circuit for shorting and check for abnormal electric parts.

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    Only after the correction of such shorting or parts, fuse of the same capacity should be used as a replacement. Never use a fuse of lager capacity than the one that has blown. If such a fuse is used, electric parts or wirings could be damaged before the fuse blows in the event an overcurrent occurs again. Normally, this type. In this case, you may simply replace with a new fuse of the same capacity.

    Check connections for looseness, rust and stains. Check terminals and wires for corrosion by battery electrolyte, etc. Check terminals and wires for open circuit or impending open circuit. Check wire insulation and coating for damage, cracks and degrading.

    Check conductive parts of terminals for contact with other metallic parts vehicle body and other parts. Check grounding parts to verify that there is complete continuity between attaching bolt s and vehicle body.

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