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The database is opened and is in read-only mode. Answer: B NO. Choose two. Which two statements regarding the control file backup are true? You can back up the control file to a binary file. You can back up the control file by generating a script that can be used to re-create the control file. As a DBA, you know that database downtime can be tolerated and have designed a backup strategy containing a weekly closed database backup. The local naming method is used by clients to connect to the database. Which files should you include in this weekly user-managed backup? Choose all that apply.

Choose three. At a. Which statement is correct? RMAN would back up the logs which do not have four copies until p. RMAN would back up all logs that were created between a. RMAN would back up all logs that were not backed up, with two copies for logs created before p. Answer: D NO. Which two backups would you be able to perform when the database is being accessed by users? Answer: AC NO. The command was executed on a temporary tablespace.

The command was executed on a read-only tablespace.

Which statement is true regarding image copy backups? Image copy backups cannot be parallelized. An image copy can be written only to tape. During an image copy backup, blocks are checked to make sure that they are not corrupted. Using a proof-by-example approach, he offers instruction on implementing the software, building database applications, and then administering them. He covers database structures and utilities, performance tuning, extensibility, and security.

He also highlights potential problems and mistakes. Oracle is the leading database on the market, putting Oracle database administrators in high demand, and the new Oracle9i OCP program was recently ranked 2 on the CertCities. Organized for optimal learning and retention, each Study Guide provides in-depth coverage of all exam objectives, hundreds of challenging review questions, and a searchable electronic version of the entire book.

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No other Oracle9i self-study product compares! Oracle 9i New Features Maximize all of the enhanced capabilities of Oracle9i using the precise information presented in this convenient resource, officially authorized by Oracle Corporation. Inside, you'll find full details on all the new Oracle9i features, including database administration and management improvements, architecture changes, performance enhancements, security advancements, and high-availability innovations. The book contains new information on development tools, datatypes, SQL commands and functions, and much more.

Presents language features, one at a time, in an engaging and readable way. He provides insights into the workings of the rule-based optimizer that go well beyond what the rules tell you. You'll get complete coverage of all exam topics followed by practice questions and chapter summaries. Oracle Programming: A Primer Version 8. Using this primer, readers will be able to complete programming projects that use Oracle. In addition, a large collection of project suggestions are included.

Which option would you use to accomplish this task? When the data records are short, more then one can be stored in a single, physical record to use the storage space efficiently. There are 10 redo log groups on the database, each with three members, making a total of 30 redo log files. At lunchtime the server unexpectedly gets shut down.

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You also notice that there have been 15 log switches during the day. Which solution should you use to recover as much committed data as possible? Perform a complete restore of all files from last night's backup. Data entered into the database today must be reentered. It does not require the username and password to check the connectivity of the service.

Where can you obtain information about full database backup set created using RMAN, if the control file was used as the repository? During the backup, the database writer is in the middle of updating a block when RMAN tries to read the same block. What would RMAN do? RMAN rereads the block until it gets a consistent picture of the data.

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Which of the following shut down options should not be used before performing a consistent whole database backup? Which two statements regarding the control file backup are true? Choose two. You can back up the control file to a binary file.

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You can back up the control file by generating a script that can be used to re-create the control file. Choose two When loading data from an export dump file. When your data is NOT being inserted from a flat file. You are working on a database and instance failure has occurred due to a power outage. You want to bring the instance up. From what point in the redo log file does instance recovery begin and where does it end?

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An improved version of multithreaded server configuration. Data blocks have to be written more frequently by DBWR. Which three plan directive parameters are used to control this feature? A database backup, combined with archived redo log files, guarantees that all committed data can be recovered to the point of failure. Choose two Thread number.

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Log Sequence number. In a shared server configuration, which two describe the actions that the listener can take to service a client request? Choose two The listener hands the connection request directly to a dispatcher. The listener issues a redirect message to the client, containing the protocol address of a dispatcher. The client then terminates the network session to the listener and establishes a network session to the dispatcher, using the network address provided in the redirect message. You experienced a loss of data files in your database.